The Challenge

The Maggie Beer Foundation wanted to live its mission by facilitating education and collaboration between aged care providers, chefs, dieticians, and speech pathologists, to share knowledge and review recipes that are scalable and or changed for texture modified diets.

Services Utilised

  • Website UX & UI Design
  • Laravel PHP Platform Development
  • API Integration
  • Marketing Strategy


  • We designed and built ecosystem in Laravel PHP for the Aged Care Professional Community covering online learning modules, a forum, recipe search, a student portal and custom CMS and CRM features
  • The OLM has a series of courses that contain lessons and or modules for users to complete and receive a completion certificate. Further learning for Aged Care Home staff was created via a student portal and a trainer mentor program.
  • The forum is a special environment for cooks and chefs to engage in discussion and search on topics relevant to their home and role
  • The recipe section contains over 200 recipes and allows users to power search based on season/time of day/meal type/meal stage/resident need and how to scale the recipe for large serving amounts
  • The student portal caters for hybrid learning that Maggie Beer Foundation provides for aged care homes and their staff
  • All of these modules are driven by a CMS and CRM that tracks behaviours with Mailchimp and AirTable integrations

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