The Challenge

BowdenCorp had evolved over the years into a commercial construction firm of note. It was time to get BowdenCorp’s marketing to work harder and position the company for the next stage of growth.

Our role was to unpack what made BowdenCorp so good at what it does and in doing so define the brand strategy, refresh the brand identity and creative platform.

Services Utilised

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Branding
  • HubSpot CMS Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing


  • We conducted a series of workshops covering the customer, brand and communications strategy. From these workshops we uncovered customer personas, customer journeys, brand benefit hierarchy, content topics and a plan for executing all of these great strategies
  • The first step was developing a creative platform where we expressed the BowdenCorp way as … Construction by Collaboration. This creative idea was the basis for executing the rest of the plan.
  • We refreshed the brand identity across the web (using HubSpot’s CMS Hub), eDM, advertising, capability statement, tender documentation and general collateral.
  • We also implemented a content marketing strategy producing evergreen content such as a video content to showcase BowdenCorp's approach to sustainability, careers, regional building locations and the BowdenCorp way.
  • Social media and email marketing form a large part of the ongoing activity to keep BowdenCorp in front of prospects.


I really enjoyed working with David and Gordon. Both kept pressure on Management to get the process complete and I am very happy with what we have come up with.

Would recommend them to others and continue to work with them to improve our marketing and branding. Helped straighten up our business strengths and weaknesses, values and behaviours.

- James, Founder and Director of BowdenCorp

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