How to Unlock Your B2B Business’ Potential with an App

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “If I’m not a B2C e-commerce business, what purpose would a custom app serve?” you might be surprised by the engagement benefits an app can bring to B2B businesses. 

Depending on your business objectives, a custom app may actually be the key to uncovering marketing and efficiency opportunities for your business.

Apps aren’t just trendy; they're powerful tools that allow you to unlock unique functionalities that your business can use to enhance your offering.


How B2B businesses use custom apps

Here are a few use cases of specific functionalities apps can unlock for businesses in the following B2B sectors.

Building and Construction
  • Employee onboarding: centralised document management, digital training modules, employee information capture, personalised orientation schedules, tools for communication and a feedback mechanism for continuous improvement.
  • Site safety inductions and compliance: interactive training modules, digital acknowledgment, real-time tracking of certifications, geotagging for site-specific information, incident reporting and compliance checklists.
  • Labour allocation/scheduling: real-time visibility into workforce schedules, task assignments, progress tracking, integration with project management tools, automated shift notifications, and the ability to adjust schedules on the go.
  • Client milestone management: document sharing features, a communication platform to facilitate client feedback, integration with scheduling and project management tools and analytics to track project milestones efficiently by monitoring real-time updates on project progress, milestones achieved, and potential delays.


Education Recruitment
  • Onboarding and inquiries: an easily navigable portal with intuitive forms that facilitate a smooth and secure way for new users to easily submit crucial documents when joining the agency.
  • Resource allocation: scheduling system that can be used to post available shifts for teachers and allows them to manage their timesheets seamlessly.
  • Reminders: push notification reminders that can be set for shifts and other work-related commitments teachers using the system may have.
  • Learning and resources: educational content provided via blogs and modules to inspire teachers when creating learning experiences.
  • Time-tracking: a user-friendly and easily accessible timesheet platform that allows users to efficiently and precisely manage and adjust their work hours.


Financial Advisory Services
  • Client onboarding: a secure platform for uploading sensitive financial information, integration with identity verification services and automated compliance checks.
  • Client communication: in-app messaging features, real-time updates on financial transactions, personalised budgeting features and insights and push notifications for upcoming payments or investment opportunities.


Commercial Cleaning
  • Compliance management: easy document management, retrieval of compliance records during audits, digital checklists for compliance audits, automated reminders for routine inspections, real-time reporting of any non-compliance issues and integration with training modules ensures that employees are updated on the latest regulations.

Ultimately, using business apps can enhance efficiency, save both time and money, boost productivity, and contribute to revenue growth for B2B businesses. These apps automate manual processes, allowing employees to shift their focus from day-to-day tasks to more strategic ones.


How we help you on your app journey

Collab Agency has long been an expert in all things marketing, including marketing foundations, content marketing and web development. Did you know we do app development too? 

Our design and development teams work with each other to create apps that offer the smooth user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) that drive a high performing app.

So, what can clients expect from our app development services? A solution that is growth-aligned, secure and budget-friendly.

Here’s how:

We’ll set up the right foundations for growth 

An app provides your business a space to innovate and expand, and they’re not confined to big corporations either. Small businesses can also leverage these platforms, creating a unique space to interact with employees, suppliers or customers. Customisation means you have the flexibility to scale your app as your business grows.

The key advantages of apps lies in their ability to perfectly match your brand and enhance user engagement through data-driven insights, user-friendly interfaces and streamlined processes. 

We'll offer a secure solution

In today's rapidly advancing digital age, security is no longer an option but a necessity. Cyber attackers frequently focus on exploiting applications and websites with known vulnerabilities. 

And that’s why a bespoke solution built from the ground up with robust security features will act as a deterrent against such malicious attacks. You also get to control access, authentication, authorisation, and more, ensuring that your data remains secure. 

Plus, with consistent updates and security patch rollouts, app users can enjoy a nearly hack-proof product. 

We’ll help you exceed expectations, not budgets

If you think custom apps are beyond your reach, think again. Apps can be an affordable and effective way to innovate your business, even with budget constraints.

Remember that customisation does not have to mean starting from scratch. You can leverage existing components and focus on what differentiates your business. A hybrid approach, using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom elements can save both time and money, allowing you to reap the best of both worlds, and we’ll make sure to give you our expert recommendations.

By planning well, focusing on key features, and choosing a hybrid approach, you can create custom apps that are budget-friendly, and emphasise what truly matters to your business without overspending.


Take the next step

By translating your offering onto a more engaging and convenient platform, an app is a practical and powerful step towards growing your B2B business.

Ready to transform your business? Reach out to our team at Collab Agency and begin your app journey now. Don't just follow the future; create it with us.


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