Fractional Marketing: Building High-Performing Marketing Ops Structure

Fractional Marketing: Building High-Performing Marketing Ops Structure

Discover the power of Fractional Marketing in establishing a streamlined Marketing Ops framework. 

Understanding the 3 Pillars of Marketing Ops: People, Process and Technology

Marketing operations, also known as marketing ops, involves overseeing the people, processes, and technology that drive marketing activities. The primary focus is on optimising marketing operations to enhance efficiency and achieve better results.

People: Marketing ops includes assessing the skills and capabilities of the marketing team members and aligning them with the overall marketing strategy. It also involves recruiting and onboarding new team members to ensure a diverse and talented team.

Processes: Marketing ops encompasses designing and implementing efficient processes that streamline marketing activities. This involves defining workflows, establishing clear communication channels, and aligning marketing activities with sales and other departments.

Technology: Marketing ops utilises technology to automate and enhance marketing processes. This includes evaluating and implementing marketing tools and platforms that align with the team's goals and objectives.

Exploring the intricate layers of marketing ops, it's evident that leveraging the expertise of a fractional marketer can significantly enhance the efficiency and success of your marketing operations.

Let's delve deeper into the various components of Marketing ops for a more comprehensive understanding.


Marketing Team Structure, Recruitment & Onboarding

Establishing a robust marketing team necessitates a meticulous evaluation of the team structure, recruitment procedures, and onboarding tactics. Clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member ensures a cohesive understanding of tasks and objectives, fostering improved collaboration and efficiency within the team.

The recruitment and onboarding phases are pivotal in cultivating a high-performing marketing team. Leveraging the expertise of a fractional marketer can offer flexibility and time-saving benefits by providing candidates and team members with precise job descriptions outlining their responsibilities and expectations. Furthermore, offering training and mentorship opportunities can expedite the integration of new hires, enabling them to contribute effectively to the team.

Continuous development and career advancement should also be strategised by the fractional marketer and endorsed within the broader business team. By facilitating opportunities for learning and skill enhancement, team members can elevate their capabilities and make valuable contributions to the overall success of the team.


Supplier Review & Procurement

To guarantee the success of marketing operations, it's crucial to evaluate the needs of the marketing team and the business by thoroughly assessing existing suppliers for quality, pricing, and alignment.

A knowledgeable fractional marketer will assist you in understanding the marketing requirements and identifying any gaps that need attention.

Once the needs have been evaluated, the next step is to find and select new suppliers without being influenced by existing relationships. A fractional marketing consultant can manage this process through a Request for Proposal (RFP) procedure, conducting interviews, and negotiating contracts. The main focus should be on securing the most suitable suppliers that can provide the necessary services at a reasonable cost.

Finalising contracts is a critical step in the supplier review and procurement process. Contracts should outline clear agreements on costs, service levels, and deliverables to ensure a successful partnership.


Marketing Technology Review & Recommendation

A fractional marketing consultant plays a crucial role in navigating the intricate world of marketing technology.

Through a comprehensive audit of current and potential marketing software tools, they can pinpoint any gaps or inefficiencies that require attention. This evaluation process entails a meticulous assessment of each tool's effectiveness in meeting both present and future business needs.

Upon analysing the audit findings, the consultant can offer strategic recommendations for integrating additional technology to enhance marketing operations. It is essential to consider the specific requirements of the marketing team and ensure that team members are adequately trained to effectively utilise the new tools.

By optimising the technology stack in line with the team's objectives, overall marketing performance can be maximised, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness in achieving business goals.


Measuring Team Performance & Continuous Improvement

Additionally, a fractional marketing consultant can help enhance the selected KPIs by assessing their relevance and aligning them with the overall business objectives. By eliminating unnecessary marketing data that may cause confusion, the consultant can simplify the measurement process, providing a clearer insight into the team's performance.

Integrating a visual dashboard that links these KPIs to relevant data sources is crucial for effectively monitoring and analysing team performance. With the assistance of a fractional marketer, establishing a structured review schedule ensures that the KPIs remain current and applicable. This continuous monitoring and adjustment process is vital for improving decision-making and boosting overall team performance.

Continuous improvement is a key element of marketing ops that a fractional marketer can facilitate. Through regular evaluations of team performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing necessary changes, the marketing team can achieve superior results and sustain growth in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing operations.


Sales and Marketing SLA - Workshop & Documentation

Effective collaboration between sales and marketing teams is a key driver of business growth and organisational success. By aligning their goals and working together towards common objectives, these teams can improve lead management, communication, and conversion rates.

To initiate this alignment process, a workshop facilitated by a fractional marketer can be highly advantageous. The workshop will focus on establishing clear agreements regarding lead handoff procedures, response times, and shared goals, ensuring that both teams are fully aligned and working cohesively towards shared success.

Documenting these agreements in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) acts as a guide for ongoing alignment and collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Regular reviews should be scheduled to ensure adherence to the SLA and make any necessary adjustments to further enhance teamwork and communication between the two departments.

By promoting a culture of collaboration and alignment through workshops and SLAs, sales and marketing teams can effectively collaborate to drive business growth, enhance lead management, and ultimately boost overall performance.

The key takeaway here?

If your business doesn't have a marketing team (or has an inefficient one), fractional marketers can be instrumental in optimising each aspect of your marketing operations, from building top-performing teams through strategic recruitment and onboarding to navigating supplier relationships and expertly navigating the digital landscape.

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