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Boost your Marketing ROI with the powerful HubSpot Content Assistant

HubSpot Content Assistant is a powerful tool that is destined to transform the way you create and optimise your marketing content. But what exactly is HubSpot Content Assistant, and how does it work? 

In this blog, we will explore this incredible tool in detail to uncover its key features and immense potential, and discuss how to leverage the extensive capabilities of HubSpot Content Assistant to optimise your content and streamline your processes.

Unraveling the Power of HubSpot Content Assistant

If you don’t already know, HubSpot is a renowned customer relationship management platform, primarily used for managing and nurturing customer relationships, automating marketing efforts, and tracking sales interactions, that has expanded its marketing capabilities with the introduction of the HubSpot Content Assistant. 

So, what powers this writing tool? AI of course. HubSpot Content Assistant’s AI is designed to elevate your content creation, offering insightful recommendations for improving everything from headlines and meta tags to entire paragraphs. Here’s how.

The Key Benefits of Using HubSpot Content Assistant

1. Streamlining your online content creation process

A great capability of HubSpot Content Assistant is its ability to guide you through every step of the content creation process, from generating content ideas to writing drafts and crafting compelling headlines. 

That means you can open up a new blog post page on HubSpot and start your writing process directly from there. You can prompt Content Assistant with a simple theme or topic for an email, social media post, landing page, or blog post, and it will generate a list of ideas for you to choose from, lessening thinking time significantly.

With HubSpot Content Assistant’s help, not only do you save time and effort, but you’re likely to experience less writer’s block, allowing for your content creation process to be efficiently streamlined, which translates to maximised productivity and effectiveness in your marketing efforts.

To further streamline your content creation process, HubSpot Content Assistant provides pre-designed content templates that serve as a starting point for your blog posts, social media updates, and other content types. Again, these templates not only save you time but also maintain consistency in your brand voice and style.

2. Improving conversions through content optimisation

So, you’ve had HubSpot Content Assistant help you find the right ideas for your next blog and you’ve generated a draft, but it doesn’t feel quite right. Maybe it’s not as succinct as you’d prefer it to be or it doesn’t align with your brand voice. Luckily, Content Assistant can help with this too. With just a few clicks, the tool can scan a section you’ve selected from your draft, and provide suggestions and recommendations to improve your writing.

By giving the tool prompts about changes you would like to see in the text’s length, tone, and reading level, HubSpot Content Assistant rewrites accordingly in just seconds. For example, you can ask it to make the text sound more formal or more witty, or summarise or expand upon an idea.

At this stage you can review the options, select the one that best suits your needs, and then use your own personal expertise to tweak the text till it’s perfect for your brand. After your piece is done, you can even use Content Assistant to help you write appropriate meta tags for search optimisation as well as short social media posts that you can use to promote your article to your audience.

Using this tool means that you can create content that is more captivating to your audience, and therefore more engaging, leading to higher conversion rates that ultimately increase your marketing ROI.

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Slightly intimidated by AI tools or unsure about where to start with HubSpot Content Assistant? 

As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, Collab Agency can work with you to set up and onboard HubSpot Content Assistant, enabling your marketing team to enhance its marketing ROI. We'll provide recommendations, show you how to use HubSpot Content Assistant to create captivating content that drives traffic, generates leads, and increases conversions. We'll show you how the tool simplifies content creation, saving time and effort, while improving SEO, readability, and engagement. 

Additionally, we work with our clients to analyse results with robust analytics, so you gain valuable insights for data-driven decisions and future campaign optimisation. So, reach out!


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