We have all heard of social media, you might have been caught scrolling through a platform or two today, you possibly have even reached this blog through it. 

Social Media is part of our daily lives and although we can remember our past without emoticons, tweets, scrolling and ‘likes’, it’s difficult to imagine the future without them.

For brands, social media is not likely to be the largest direct channel for sales. However, content distribution and content discovery is where it provides substantial value. When used correctly as an element of your inbound marketing campaign, social media can amplify your reach and drive significant traffic to your website. We like to think of Social Media as the not-so-secret-weapon for improving marketing effectiveness. 

Here are four ways social media works to improve the results of your inbound strategy and increase the overall leads and visitors to your website. 

1) Promotion of content:
Social media provides so many opportunities to share your content, and attract the right people such as new or returning visitors. Whether it is a blog post, guide, eBook, report, infographic, webinar, offer… you name it; the social media channels are there for you to gain visibility and peak interest to the right kind of prospects.

Creating a great content strategy is  made up of 2 parts:

Part 1. Publishing high quality, useful and original content that provides the right message at the right time to the right people is formed through a content strategy.

Part 2. Is all about the promotion. Firstly, you can promote across your ‘owned’ social channels with a solid content calendar. Secondly you should promote using ‘paid’ social channels via paid ads and finally, your ‘earned’ social media helps you build relationships with other users who share your content to new audiences with an established trust base.

 2) SEO + Social:
Great content is shareable, and when others share your content and link back to your brand’s website you reap the authority benefits from Google. Encouraging more eyes to view your content can happen through #hashtags, @tagging influences or relevant brands. 

Another way Social and SEO can be linked to your inbound strategy of increasing visits to your website, is by focusing on locality. Updating your business location while sharing information about local news and events can earn SEO authority as Google recommends locality. 

3) New opportunities through social listening:
Social listening provides the insight into what your customers are talking about and sharing. By using social media monitoring tools to gain insight into customer interests you are able to find new ideas and opportunities for content topics and really understand the audience for whom you are creating it. The better targeted the content you create is for your audience, the more visits, engagement and leads you will influence. Here is a list of social media monitoring tools recommended to try.

4) Social Selling:
Social selling involves using social networks to find, connect and nurture sales prospects. Similar to any other sales method, social selling involves salespeople building their network (both online and offline) to develop warmer leads, referrals and ultimately, sales. HubSpot revealed, that only 31% of sale reps used social in their sales approach, however this was not due to the lack of value perceived in social, but due to the lack of know how. For sales reps that were trained on social selling, 74% adopted the approach into their strategy. Implementing an effective social selling process into your sales team through training and support will help them to build meaningful relationships with the ability to listen to what customers want and by providing value to contacts. Ask us how we can help you with your social selling.

As part of an integrated Inbound Marketing campaign, social media can help you to achieve your goals by effectively promoting your content, with reach and the engagement impact it has on your audience.

If you’d like to use your Social Media Channels more effectively to generate leads, to build awareness, brand authority or greater traffic to your website, we’d love to talk. Contact us today.  

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